Wizardry manufactures a shared-dc-bus power supply. to power some types of textile-winding-machine panels, because the act of stopping the huge main-motor inertia on those machines regenerates 15-20,000 watts for as long as 20 seconds.

The standard industry practice is to dump that energy into a braking-resistor, which wastes energy & increases the burden on the building air-conditioning system. Instead, with a shared-DC-bus, the energy from a stopping machine powers the other machines on that shared-DC-bus.

Energy can also be dumped into a braking-resistor, for those rare instances where the regenerated power exceeds the consumption of the other running machines,

This shared-DC-bus power-supply is rated at 124,000 watt continous DC output.

The caged brake-resistor (top of the unit) can absorb up to 100,000 watts for short periods of time.

The unit contains a PCC control-computer which provides "smart" functions like

Approximately 2 shared-DC-bus power-supplies are installed (wired in parallel), for every 20 textile-winding-machine panels, which allows the system to operate normally even when one power-supply is offline (e.g. for a maintenance event like fan-replacement).