Wizardry manufactures custom industrial control panels.
These pictures show panels built for one long-term customer who manufactures ~$1 billion worth of fiberglass-thread per year, using machines controlled by Wizardry's control computers.

This shows 1/4 of the panels installed in Kunshan, China (near Shangai).

Panel features:

Sometimes it is more cost-effective to provide a backplate-upgrade which installs in the existing enclosure. This saves the cost of removing old enclosures, building & installing new enclosures, and (with careful planning) allows the renewed unit to be directly reconnected to the existing wiring.

Our backplate-panels are manufactured & fully tested using an automated tester (which includes AC-drive load-testing), then shipped in a fully-tested condition (no disassembly/reassembly required).

This is an efficient way to upgrade an old unit to new control-processor technology, new AC-drive technology, and new fuses/contactors/wiring.

This installation is in ChiaYi, Taiwan.

A small hoist was used to lift the backplate into the enclosure,
using a removable red pick-up structure (provided by Wizardry).
This crew completed 27 backplate-upgrades in 2.5 days, including wiring.

Here the unit is completely installed & wired.

All these panels are powered by Wizardry's shared-DC-bus power-supply.